Cribal Webcomic Chapter 5

2017-06-22 14:23:47 by Trebuxet


Hi dear followers!

Cribal Chapter 5 is finished!
The entire webcomic is available in Patreon for all those with at least 1 month pledged.
Available in English and Spanish.

*Chapter 1 available for free here

Remember: patrons of level 2 have discount and priority on commissions.

Webcomic Chapter 4

2016-11-30 14:59:34 by Trebuxet












Hi to all!

Cribal Series Chapter 4 available now for all in Patreon!

Chapter 5 on the way!

Cribal Webcomic Update

2016-07-24 04:05:32 by Trebuxet


Hi to all my dear supporters.


I want to thank all who have supported this project from the beginning. Your preference will be rewarded!

Now you can access each page of Cribal Webcomic from only $ 2 per month.

Now the monthly amounts will be reduced, allowing more people access Cribal updates.

  • Level 1 will be reduced to $2, with the same benefits.
  • Level 2 will be reduced to $10. This level will maintan the same benefits about discounts and priority, but monthly sketches will be deleted. Now, the level 2 will be for unlimited patrons. All patrons who had pledge at level 2 in previous months (from October 2015 onwards) will have their respective monthly sketch, OR, monthly discount ($ 5 per month), according to the number of months you contributed. Ask with an internal message for your specific patron situation.

Limit of sketches, max 9.

Limit of discounts, max $45 USD. Commission minimum price: $10.

Additionally, all patrons from all levels (1, 2, 3 etc) who had contributed in October 2015 will be rewarded with an extra sketch, or an additional discount of -$10 on your next commission. Remember to ask in a Patreon internal message! 


Hi everybody!

The chapter 1 of Cribal Series, already finished and uploaded in Trebuxet's Patreon profile 
A big thanks to all supporters that have made this possible!!


For now, only available in Patreon. Later, it will be uploaded to a public gallery.
Attention for all supporters! The pledgers have been reduced! Please update and edit yours.

Tante Grazie!

Working on First Cribal Chapter

2015-10-28 20:12:33 by Trebuxet

First of all, sorry for the long waiting, but there is so much work and not enough time for personal projects. Thanks for all the people who support my work.

Finally, for popular demand, I've decided for Cribal Series as the main project for a Patreon profile, and now I'm working on the first Cribal Chapter! Hope to launch it on November.

You can pledge on
Open for suggestion! this is my first patreon profile, and I don't know very well how it works.

Anyway, if there is enough pledges, we can work on different other pictures, like Plustercia, pinups, suggested fanart etc

And don't forget that commissions are always open for any content that you like, even most "extreme". Commissions help me to bring you more content too  :)

Thank you all! 

Support artwork

2015-01-25 20:49:49 by Trebuxet

Hi everybody.

First of all, thank you for your +watch, comments and favs  [:D]  love you all!

I know many of you would love to see the webcomic of Cribal or PlusTercia, finally launched. I thought that Patreon is a good choice for those who want to contribute to this projects.

I would love to see your opinion before launching a Patreon profile (I'm still setting the profile!) 

What project you be willing to support? or both?

Thank you!

Gift for fans and watchers

2013-12-16 07:19:43 by Trebuxet


I'm trying to put a facebook page for all those who don't have a deviantart account. 

The best ideas or Characters or Oc's for a next picture, will win a slot on the gallery. Remember, no mature themes or complex works, and only for deviantart watchers+facebook "likes". Cheers!