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2015-01-25 20:49:49 by Trebuxet

Hi everybody.

First of all, thank you for your +watch, comments and favs  [:D]  love you all!

I know many of you would love to see the webcomic of Cribal or PlusTercia, finally launched. I thought that Patreon is a good choice for those who want to contribute to this projects.

I would love to see your opinion before launching a Patreon profile (I'm still setting the profile!) 

What project you be willing to support? or both?

Thank you!


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2015-01-31 21:14:30

Boy you really on a tear these days, uploading left and right... Patreon is a good choice, but have a PayPal thing too, for single donations. Also, doing 2 comics at once might be a bit steep, so maybe outline the plots and characters for both comics, then let your fans choose... then go from there, keep the interest moving, gaining speed... and then beg for the money ;)


2015-04-19 22:11:13

you should totaly promote your project (personaly i'm dying to see Cribal complete )
patreon or kickstarter, both could help you to continue your great work!

Trebuxet responds:

Thank you :)


2015-07-06 21:24:09

Cribal, definitely!