Working on First Cribal Chapter

2015-10-28 20:12:33 by Trebuxet

First of all, sorry for the long waiting, but there is so much work and not enough time for personal projects. Thanks for all the people who support my work.

Finally, for popular demand, I've decided for Cribal Series as the main project for a Patreon profile, and now I'm working on the first Cribal Chapter! Hope to launch it on November.

You can pledge on
Open for suggestion! this is my first patreon profile, and I don't know very well how it works.

Anyway, if there is enough pledges, we can work on different other pictures, like Plustercia, pinups, suggested fanart etc

And don't forget that commissions are always open for any content that you like, even most "extreme". Commissions help me to bring you more content too  :)

Thank you all! 


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2015-10-29 11:14:48

Yes please!! (^-^)


2015-10-29 20:15:40

You are an accomplished artist, no doubt about that! However, we've had -no idea- what this Cribal thing is about! I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors, and hope the plot matches or exceeds your artistic prowess :)