Cribal Webcomic Update

2016-07-24 04:05:32 by Trebuxet


Hi to all my dear supporters.


I want to thank all who have supported this project from the beginning. Your preference will be rewarded!

Now you can access each page of Cribal Webcomic from only $ 2 per month.

Now the monthly amounts will be reduced, allowing more people access Cribal updates.

  • Level 1 will be reduced to $2, with the same benefits.
  • Level 2 will be reduced to $10. This level will maintan the same benefits about discounts and priority, but monthly sketches will be deleted. Now, the level 2 will be for unlimited patrons. All patrons who had pledge at level 2 in previous months (from October 2015 onwards) will have their respective monthly sketch, OR, monthly discount ($ 5 per month), according to the number of months you contributed. Ask with an internal message for your specific patron situation.

Limit of sketches, max 9.

Limit of discounts, max $45 USD. Commission minimum price: $10.

Additionally, all patrons from all levels (1, 2, 3 etc) who had contributed in October 2015 will be rewarded with an extra sketch, or an additional discount of -$10 on your next commission. Remember to ask in a Patreon internal message! 



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